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Welcome to our shopping site dedicated to total sleep and relaxation. We all need to sleep. We all ought to be able to relax. We all like to shop! In today's world, these basic needs are somewhat hard to achieve for some people. Snooze Shop brings you quality products at prices designed to help you and your loved ones sleep better and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.

In shopping at Snooze Shop you can be assured of the highest quality products and guaranteed personal service. We are confident that Snooze Shop will soon become your one stop drop off shop! For now, sit back, relax and have a browse around our safe and secure shopping site. Alternatively, if you already have an inkling of what you are looking for please use our site search facility.

Down the page you will find our main shopping catalogue menu detailing basic information on our online shop ranges. Alternatively, take a look at our site map for fast navigation around our shopping site. Our "Snooze Letter" details latest developments in our online product range and any special offers. So why not subscribe to our mailing list. You may unsubscribe at anytime you wish, either through our website or via the links provided in our emails.

If you are not completely satisfied with any of your purchases from Snooze Shop, we will gladly exchange or refund the purchase price. Click here to see our full terms and conditions including details of our shopping site security and privacy policies. Please note that we are able to deliver to UK mainland and many other places around the world but that some delivery destinations are subject to weight limits.

Your statutory rights as a consumer are not affected.

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Baby Travel Sacs

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UK P&P charges are based on order weight/volume and are typically £3.00 per small order / £6.00 per large order.
Shopping is easy, safe and secure. Worldwide delivery is available on orders for most product lines.
Snuggle Sac Sleeping Bags Snuggle Sac Sleeping Bags
Tina Lane, originator of the Snuggle Sac sleeping bags created the first snuggle sacs for her own children back in 1998. Once introduced to his Rabbit Snuggle Sac sleeping bag, Oliver, her toddler son, was happy to stay in his own bed all night and would even sit with Rabbit and play on his own. Tina knew she was on to a winning idea - a novelty childrens sleeping bag, perfect for children to also sleepover at friends. The Snuggle Sac company has expanded the original range of colourful and fun children's sleepover bags with the recent introduction of "My First Snuggle Sac" - a smaller version of the original Snuggle Sac sleeping bag designed to help in the transition of toddlers from cot to bed. The range also includes the Travel Sac, Snuggle Sac bed covers, teenage sleepover bags and sleepover beds - a teenage sleeping bag and portable sleepover bed in a bag. One of this year's best sellers is the fabulous retail version of the squashy purple sleeping bag used in the Harry Potter film - The Prisoner of Azkaban. So, bag one for ypur child now!
Soft Toys & Toy Animals Soft Toys & Toy Animals
Snooze Shop offers you a wide range of soft toy animals, birds and sealife from around the globe. Our two main suppliers, Hansa Toy and Dowman Soft Touch, have both created an exciting collection for you to choose from. Toys range in price from a few pounds to a lot of pounds! Hansa Toys are at the top end of the toy market whilst Dowman Soft Touch Toys are great quality value for money products. Choose whatever suits your pocket!
Hammocks Hammocks
A hammock is the ultimate way to take a relaxed forty winks on one of your lazy days, especially after a spot of gardening. Hammocks for sale include complete hammock sets, individual traditional hammocks and Brazilian spread rod hammocks, chair hammocks.or metal and wood stands and rope sets for use in all gardens. A hammock or a chair hammock is ideally suited to the garden, patio, conservatory or even indoors as the instant spare bed with a difference.
Aromatherapy Aromatherapy
Our value for money range of aromatherapy products are manufactured from source materials of the highest quality. Choose from an extensive selection of Aromatherapy Gift Ideas, Base Oils, Essential Oils, Essential Oil Blends and Fragrance Oils for use in oil burners.
Natural Bodycare Natural Bodycare
Our range of bodycare products are suitable for vegetarians. All bodycare products are registered with the Vegan Society and are not tested on animals. Our selection includes Tawas natural crystal deodorants, skin cleansers, toners and moisturisers, body lotions, day and night creams, hand creams, leg and foot treatments, bathtime treats, aromatherapy soaps, baby care products, men's shaving balms and shampoos, lip balms, body sprays, perfumes and more!
Alarm Clocks Alarm Clocks
Wakey! Wakey! Having reached the stage where restful sleep and total relaxation are the norm for you, unfortunately there will still be times when you need to be roused and ready for action. Our choice of different style alarm clocks will assist in your transition from the land of nod and back to reality.
Online Guides Online Guides
Well being - looking after yourself should be your number one priority and our brief guide to well being provides some basic information on the topic and how it may be possible for you to create an enjoyable life and lifestyle. Aromatherapy - may assist you in learning to relax but before purchasing essential oils you may wish to read our short guide to Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils.

"Your route to relaxation"
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