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Products > Snuggle Sac Sleeping Bags
UK P&P charges are based on order weight/volume and are typically £3.00 per small order / £6.00 per large order.
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Snuggle Sac childrens sleeping bags are ideal for children to use at home instead of a duvet and pillow, for sleepover parties in the company of friends, when visiting relatives or for use when travelling and on holiday. Most Snuggle Sac sleepover bags have a matching Snugglie (a soft pillow / pyjama case to match the sleeping bag). The most recent addition to the original Snuggle Sac sleeping bag product range is the "My First Snuggle Sac" - a soft and cuddly Snuggle Sac designed specifically for toddlers to use in their transition from cot to bed. All Snuggle Sac products are available in a range of colourful designs to delight any child.
Snuggle Sacs Snuggle Sacs
The Snuggle Sac is such a wonderful idea - fun and fleecy novelty children's sleeping bags - the perfect present for Santa's Sack or a great gift for all children, boys and girls, aged 3 to 10 (or even small adults with a real sense of fun). Snuggle Sacs (not Snuggle Sacks!) are sleeping bags that are totally practical, long and roomy, light and portable, machine washable and so soft and snug. Conforms to British Safety Standards applicable to child sleeping bags. Snuggle Sac designs available include animals, sealife, Harry Potter (including the new squashy purple sleeping bag), Scooby Doo and many others.
My First Snuggle Sac My First Snuggle Sac
Asthma is an ever-increasing problem in the UK, currently affecting one in eight children (and rising). Nocturnal Asthma is a particular issue, with house dust mites which thrive in children’s bedding, being one of the main problems. Duvets are a particularly fertile environment for dust mites to breed in, as they are inherently difficult to wash and dry on a regular basis. The "My First Snuggle Sac" is a perfect sleep solution to this problem. Washable at 60 degrees, the temperature that kills house dust mites and having the ability to be tumble dried in minutes means that these Snuggle Sacs are a fabulous healthy alternative to traditional old fashioned bedding products. This is great news for parents who can now provide their children with a sleep product that may contribute to their child's health and well being.
Baby Travel Sacs Baby Travel Sacs
The Snuggle Sac Baby Sac is the most recent addition to the product range of children's novelty sleeping bags. The soft and cuddly daytime fleece Snuggle Sac bag for young children. Conforms to British Safety Standards. From 6 months old up to the age of three, children spend much of their day in a pushchair or pram, car seat, mum's arms or being picked up and put down and they often fall asleep at anytime. Snuggle Sac Baby Sacs are practical and comforting and cater for all these situations without having to wake or disturb your child. Snuggle Sac Baby Sac designs currently available are an Elephant, a Teddy Bear, a Lion and a Red Indian Baby Sac.

Snugglies Snugglies
Snugglies are combined pillow and pyjama cases designed to complement and co-ordinate with most of the Snuggle Sac range of children's novelty sleeping bag designs. Each snugglie has a broad zipped pocket at the back for storing pyjamas or other overnight things when going on a sleepover. All Snuggle Sac products conform to British Safety Standards.
Products > Snuggle Sac Sleeping Bags

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  UK - Snooze Shop - UK   All major credit cards accepted - Secure Online Shopping for Snuggle Sac Sleeping Bags at discount prices   UK - Snooze Shop - UK  
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