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Products > Natural Bodycare
UK P&P charges are based on order weight/volume and are typically £3.00 per small order / £6.00 per large order.
Shopping is easy, safe and secure. Worldwide delivery is available on orders for most product lines.
Ingredients used by the manufacturer of our bodycare products are obtained from natural souces. They do not use any animal ingredients or test any products on animals. They meet the strict criteria set by the BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) and are approved by them. Our comprehensive selection of natural bodycare products are produced not only with care for you but also with care for the environment and the world in which we live today.
Tawas Natural Crystal Deodorants Tawas Natural Crystal Deodorants
The Tawas natural crystal deodorant is one of the most effective pure deodorants you can buy. The Tawas range consists of 8 ethically manufactured products. The packaging is made from recycled materials. The crystal deodorant is ideal for allergy sufferers, those with sensitive skin and the health conscious. Most regular roll-on and spray type deodorants contain aluminium chlorohydrate and there are concerns that this compound may increase the risk of certain medical conditions.
Head Lice Treatments Head Lice Treatments
Nitmix head lice treatment is the all natural head lice control system. Nitmix products are simple and easy to use but are an amazingly effective cure in removing and preventing head lice. Their pleasant aroma makes them a delight to use in the war on head lice prevention, so take our advice and give those lousy lice the Nitmix head lice treatment! The product range consists of just 4 products essential to head lice removal and head lice prevention. Picture this - happier, healthier, sweeter smelling children and not a nit or louse in sight and all with a money back guarantee to boot.
Skin Cleansers Skin Cleansers
Relax at the end of the day with our selection of eye make-up remover, wash creams, face masks, cleansing lotions, facial scrubs and cleansing milks.
Skin Toners Skin Toners
After cleansing, refresh your skin with our selection of eye gels, skin creams, face lotions and toning lotions.
Moisturisers and Body Lotions Moisturisers and Body Lotions
After toning, add the finishing touches to your skin with our selection of moisturising creams and body lotions.
Day and Night Creams Day and Night Creams
Keep you skin smooth and supple the natural way with our selection of day and night creams.
Hand, Leg and Foot Care Hand, Leg and Foot Care
Look after your hands, legs and feet with our selection of hand creams, joint lotion, body firming lotion, foot creams and herbal foot soak.
Bathtime Treats Bathtime Treats
Take a relaxing soak in the bath with our selection of bath oils, bath soak and foam baths.
Aromatherapy Soaps Aromatherapy Soaps
Feel the benefit of gentle cleansing with our selction of 100% pure plant base aromatherapy soaps.
Baby Care Baby Care
Pamper your youngster with our selection of baby care baby cream, gentle baby lotion and baby soft bubble bath.
Men's Selection Men's Selection
Products designed specifically with the the man in mind. Choose from our selection of shaving products, sports massage oil, aftershave balms and body shampoos.
Lip Balms Lip Balms
Give protection and a shine to your lips with our selection of fun, tropical and fruity flavoured lip balms.
Body Sprays and Perfumes Body Sprays and Perfumes
Freshen up with the delightful aromas used in our selection of body sprays and exquisite roll-on perfumes.
Other Bodycare Products Other Bodycare Products
... and finally, our other bodycare selection of facial blemish cream, herbal skin soothing cream, shower gel, shampoos and liquid soap.
Products > Natural Bodycare

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  UK - Snooze Shop - UK   All major credit cards accepted - Secure Online Shopping for Natural Bodycare at discount prices   UK - Snooze Shop - UK  
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